4 Modern Ideas For Grave Markers Besides The Traditional Tombstone

Planning your funeral and burial arrangements isn't a morbid practice; it is a good way to ensure your legacy lives on according to your wishes. There's no need to wait until you're even retired to shop for a grave marker and get a custom design made well in advance. If you're looking for a way to share your personality with everyone that visits the cemetery, consider one of these four contemporary and artistic ideas for a new spin on the traditional tombstone.

Stainless Steel Monuments

Bronze and other metals have been used on graves for centuries now, but only recently did the sleek and smooth look of polished stainless steel become an option. Statues, crosses, and tombstones formed from this marker sparkle among more reserved granite and marble monuments. The material is easily etched, so you can add complex pictures and lettering in any font with minimal extra work.

Flower Boxes

The idea of a flower bed over a grave dates back to the Victorian era. Most graveyards prohibit plot owners from planting over the vault or entire grave site, so modern versions tend to hold soil and flowers at the top of an upright stone or as part of a smaller circle around a pillow monument. The container for planting needs drainage holes drilled into the bottom and out through the back or side of the grave marker so the plants can thrive. This is a great way for gardeners to keep their loved ones involved with their grave because the flower box will need season pruning and replanting.

Colored Glass Tombstones

For a more artistic marker that will still last for years, try monuments made from slabs of colorful fused glass. The translucency of the glass allows even faint amounts of daylight to make the marker glow in a beautiful way. You can also have LEDs installed along the base of the slab to keep it illuminated at night with little more than a tiny solar charger set next to the grave.

Video Screens

Would you like a chance to greet visitors to your grave with a short recorded message and a smile? Improvements in the durability of outdoor video screens allow you to record anything you like now and replay it for eternity as part of your grave marker. Small speakers and a motion sensor complete the package, but keep in mind not all cemeteries allow this kind of extra equipment or provide power for running it.

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